It’s Back! 100five50 Challenge… You in?

Two summers ago I created my own “lifestyle health system.” I don’t like the word “diet” because it sounds too dramatic, drastic and like something that won’t last. Instead, this little system I created is more a discipline where light exercise and smarter eating are the key features.

On Tuesday, May 30, I will begin my third 100five50 Challenge. I want to know who else is interested (comment, text or email brian[at]youthmark[dot]com)?

Why 100five50?

  • 100: The approximate number of days between the day after Memorial Day and the day before Labor Day.
  • Five: The number of days per week I want to average getting 30 minutes of cardio exercise (start easy with walks).
  • Fifty: The percentage amount I cut my carbs for that time period.
Knowing that I am a “buck the trend” guy some of the time the third principle is the hardest one for me to uphold. Because I am not a calorie or carb counter, this is the one that is hardest to judge. The way that I go about doing this is to keep in mind what I normally would eat with carbs and cut that in half. So, if I normally have a full baked potato, I just do a half. Full bowl of cereal is now cut in half; a cup of rice become a 1/2 cup and yes, even my quick pantry peak that results in a handful of chips is now just a half-handful.

I loved this because I love carbs and I still get ’em!  At first you’ll still feel hungry, so be sure to add some fruit or nuts to help you feel a bit more full rather than loading up more carbs.  And the exercise side was VERY easy to establish. I started by just taking walks and listened to music, sermons or even walked and watched a movie on my iPod (more listened to it). Eventually I started light bike riding and by the end of the summer I was riding very aggressively and getting in full workouts! Start easy!

Two years I started at about 245 pounds and got well under 210. I remained there for a long time because it really was a lifestyle change. It slowly crept up to about 225, but the good news, I think there has just been once or twice I got back to 230 even though I have been COMPLETELY undisciplined the last few months (not watching carbs, not getting exercise).
I’m looking forward to the start on Tuesday, but wanted to give enough warning over the weekend so we all can enjoy the last couple days before kicking in. 

I’d love the accountability, no need to disclose weight or anything else, just let me know you’re in so we can pray for each other! However, I will name my goal: 205, but more importantly feeling very healthy/fit!

On Sunday or Monday I am going to introduce the 100five50 Spiritual challenge that goes with this! Stay tuned!



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