One of my favorite Seinfeld episodes is the one where George proclaims the name he’d like to give his firstborn.  The name, “Seven.” Classic episode. Though I would never name my child, Seven, one of my three most favorite kids in the whole-wide-world turned Seven today! That’s right, my mid-kid, Audrey, turned seven this morning!

She’s such a blessing! My mother-in-law described her so well the other day, “of your three kids, her emotions are certainly the closest to the surface.” I love that. If she is upset, worried or sad, it shows and shows quickly. But then again, if she’s joyful, content and glad it shows just as quickly.  She’s the one that likes to be cuddled the most, or the one who least wants to be cuddled. Audrey’s the one who most wants space to be alone OR hates being alone the most!  Yep, that’s our Audrey. Not a walking contradiction at all, just a super-fantastic, uniquely gifted, awesomely stitched together bundle of emotion! I love her so!

My wife has a great post about May 24 in comparison to May 23 (about the specific blessing Audrey is to us). Check it out here.

Perhaps you’ll lift up a prayer for our Seven year old right now?

Happy Birthday Audrey!



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