Lake Retreat; What a treat!

The weather was an absolute loss. But that was the only negative about the weekend!

On top of having our largest crowd of the Spring Retreat season, I got to have my family out at Lake Retreat with me! In fact, on Saturday, during the free time I was able to take the kids down the the rock wall where both Halle and Audrey did the full climb and got to “ring the bell”

This year I have received more feedback via FB, email and texts than any other year. The students (and leaders) are saying that this weekend has made a world of difference in his/her life. In fact, one message I just received said, “this training, single handed, has given me the passion to reach my own school for Jesus… Mission51 all the way.” Another leader posted on his wall that he felt “privileged” to be at such a retreat.  What humbling and gratifying statements.

I know that I’ve said this before, but I really feel like we (Youthmark) have hit our stride with this training. It is a great mix of worship, fellowship, teaching and practice! Yes, practice. In order to share our faith “out there” or “over there” I believe we need to practice it “right here” and “right now.”

I look forward to sharing more about the retreat (a couple cool things we do) but will wait until we’re done with our last three training times. Right now, we’d appreciate prayers for the 8 groups headed out to Lake Retreat this coming weekend!



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