Consistency? Nah!

The last few weeks have been swamped. No doubt about it. A number of times I have wanted to sit down to blog, but not once did the inspiration or amount of time needed to blog strike. For most of the nearly three years I have blogged I have been consistent; that all went away the last couple weeks. Well, I guess I did become consistent — consistently not posting!

I finally am making the time on my way home from Houston, via Denver from our “pseudo” First Spring Retreat. We didn’t market to Texas this year, therefore we weren’t offering a retreat in the area, however, our friends at NorthWest Bible Church of Spring, TX still wanted the Youthmark training for Mission51 and their trip so they volunteered be the “test” team. It was fantastic. I will be sure to post about it sometime this week!

On top of the craziness of preparing for the Youthmark “Together” Spring Tour, I have taken on a consulting role with an organization that has taken up some time as well. In time, I’ll be posting about this as well.

Then, factor in a couple weeks ago when I had the privilege of playing “Full-Time-Single-Parent” for serveral days, the busyness stacked up. I now know how Elisabeth feels when I am away for Youthmark and/or speaking opportunities. We had some airline miles available and decided it was a good time for Elisabeth to get away and have some down time with her parents. She enjoyed about 4 days down in SoCal and especially enjoyed the rest (sleeping in!). I’m glad she had this opportunity, she’s a great Mommy and Wife, I’m thankful she got to play the role of “full-time-for-a-few-days-daughter” in Southern California.

I’ll look to get back into the groove of some regular blogging; I think I once titled a post “consistency breeds consistency,” well, I’ll try to live by that when it comes to some blogging again!





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