Mid-Week News and Notes

Have a few posts permeating in my mind, but don’t quite have the time to get it fully done, so today I’ll hit ya up with a few bits and pieces from the last few days…

  • WordPress, which hosts this blog was down most of yesterday, or at least mine was down; first time since I started blogging that this has happened. Props to WP; they’ve been very reliable.
  • Got up at 3:50 AM yesterday (Tuesday) was out of my house at 4:20 AM and returned at 1:20 AM this morning. Drove to Albany Oregon to “booth” at the IFCA Regional event. Good connections with some Pastors. Crazy to do that all in one day, but couldn’t leave Monday because I was speaking at Young Life Monday night and needed to be back this morning for a few commitments.
  • Absolutely STOKED about our Spring Tour Together. I have loved all of our spring retreats and the training materials, but there’s something about the content/layout and format that just has me extra jazzed this year.
  • I don’t think that I ever blogged about this, but many of you know through Facebook and such that my oldest, Halle, had a fall in February. You can read the story on Elisabeth’s blog here.  Anyway, long story-short; hit her chin on a window sill, bit through her tongue (5 stitches on top, 2 beneath) and through her lip (3 stitches) and chipped a couple teeth. Those chips (which we couldn’t find) were eventually found embedded in her lip (X-ray)… so then oral surgery was required. Today the dentist fixed her teeth.  Okay… so here’s the whopper, the bills are just starting to come in and of course insurance will cover a lot (though we need to meet our deductible first), but get this, our estimate is that we’ll get billed for over 10k… that’s an expensive fall.
  • Was honored to preach last week at my home church, Faith. Summed up the themes from Malachi 1-2 thus far, while pointing toward our application of how we can/shoul love, honor and be influencers for the Lord. Check it out here if you want to podcast it.
  • Got to see my college roommate, Darryl, yesterday in Salem on my way back up. Such a great stop! Very encouraging.
  • Still 3-4 churches making final decisions on missions this summer; please pray that they register a team with Youthmark!  We want to see as many as possible trained for Mission51!
  • My NCAA bracket… mmm. Enough said.
  • Will is potty-trained (‘not at night, but by day! Woo hoo!)
  • Anyone know how to fix a TiVo? We can’t afford the $200+ they want to charge.



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