You Know What I’m Thinking?

Jerry Seinfeld had a great line in one of his stand-up acts, he was talking about the difference between men and women and our thought processes.  It was something like:

“Women, you want to know what men are thinking?” (sounds of applause from women).

“Nothing!” Seinfeld answers his own question, “we’re just walking around, looking around.”

Well, there are times when that is me; but lately, I’ve been thinking a lot! I’ll give you a few of those snapshot thoughts.

  • I’m thinking: We have a great family at Faith.  We’re truly blessed by our church.  Though I love the worship services, teaching and other programs, it’s not at all what I think of when I think of our church, I think of the people.
  • I am really thinking: I’ve allowed doubt and discouragement play too major of a role in my life the last couple weeks.  Spiritual attack is evident, but that does not mean the enemy can defeat me/us.  Praise God for His grace!
  • I’ve thought: I am not as disciplined as I’d like to be. My biggest “time” enemy is balancing out what needs to get done for me/Youthmark and meeting the needs/wants of others.  I am social and really enjoy relational ministry, but I can only be free to minister best when I’m done with what needs to be done.  I’d like to create better balance by being more disciplined with the number of meetings and even better, the length of time I spend in these settings.
  • Another thought: Of all the things I get to do with Youthmark, the Spring Retreat may be the thing that excites me the most. Creative thinking, time with teens and youth leaders and inspiring us all for Mission51 gets me pretty pumped. April and May are going to be awesome! (Here is a highlight video from last year if you want to see in two minutes what one of our retreats is like.)
  • I’m thinking: My wife is truly a gifted woman of God!  I really dig her. I love dating her and I really appreciate learning from her (she’s a wonderful Mommy and by her example spurs me to be a better Daddy).
  • Another something that I’ve been thinking: Spending money can be easy and not spending money can actually be fun.  Weird thing to think, but it took us not spending money for me to discover this. We’re excited about some of the cost-saving measures we’ve made and I’m actually pretty pumped about some of the time, family and financial ramifications these measures will have.  However one more thought about this; medical bills stink.
  • Something else I’ve thought: I still love Youth Ministry!  Seriously, it’s so much fun to teach college students each week.  I love some of the discussions we get into.  But I’m just as jazzed about my work with Young Life.  A couple weeks ago we had one of the most fun discussions with a group of 12-15 high school students, most of whom would admittedly say they aren’t Christians.  We gave the group the opportunity to bring up any subject they’d like to discuss.  “Creation,” “Porn,” “Relationships,” and several other questions about Christianity topped their list.  These students WANT to talk about spiritual matters and have a lot to say.  I wish Pastors and Youth Pastors had a little more time freed up to be with these wonderful wanderers!
  • I’m sitting here with this thought: I don’t think the Mariners will be very good this year. I’m hoping for .500, but honestly, I’m thinking 75 wins and 87 losses.
  • I’m also thinking about my 4Runner.  It needs work, but I can’t afford it and even worse, don’t know how (or have the confidence to do it myself); secretly I’m hoping that someone reads this blog and says, “Brian, I know how to replace brakes and do some other general maintenance things on cars, I’d be happy to do that for you.”  Like I said, I’m just secretly thinking that.

Sorry Mr. Seinfeld, this time you are wrong, I’m a man and I’m thinking a lot of stuff.



One thought on “You Know What I’m Thinking?

  1. Sorry my mechanics in California, going to NBA stuff for the nephew. However, I will mention it to him when he gets home late Sunday night. It’s all in the timing right? I’m sure there is another mechanic in the area that God could use. That’s what I’m asking for. But, if not, I’ll mention it to mine.

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