I’ve Seen It All… Almost.

Today, I returned from an incredible six-days in Costa Rica.  God taught me much, maybe too much.  I was consistently blown away by evidence of His grace and proof of man’s depravity.

One moment I was laughing with friends Mac, Erick and Anthony and the next we were silent as we pondered the reality that that girl we just passed was just used by a man so that she could support her drug addiction.  I experienced such genuine worship with people I had never met, was fed by a family who probably spent one-weeks wages just to feed the four of us touring (and they wouldn’t have it any other way) and was in awe of God for the beauty of the surrounding mountains, beaches and people.  God used us to bless others, but I was far more blessed by others.

I will process this trip for many days.  In reality, it has once again driven me further down the path of Mission51.  I firmly believe that we MUST train Christians to reach their own home-town. God used us to bless the Costa Rican people, but because we don’t know the culture, the language and the needs we are most effective in encouragement.  However, I watched native CR blievers, reach out and speak into the lives of non-believing nationals.  So it is with us; teens trained to reach their own campus, club, community and even their own church!

We are hoping that many others will join us not just in Costa Rica, but in places like Rockaway Beach, OR; Council, ID; Tijuana, Mexico; Vulcan, Alberta, Canada, Native reservations in AZ and inner city Seattle to name a few.  We need your prayers, God will send people out for one week, but 51 weeks at home is where the REAL mission is!  At Youthmark I simply want to provide training for Mission51, how cool is it that at times he wants us to see other stuff?  I know I haven’t “seen it all” yet, but this week I saw a lot more, now I get to apply it at home!  Speaking of home; oh how happy I am to be snuggling my family once again!



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