Three-For-Thursday: Prayer

It’s been one of those weeks!  Up and down, for sure, but all of it has been a pleasant reminder of the grace of God and the utter dependence we need to have on Him.

I have consistently been reminded to pray (and ask for prayer)… with that, I’ll make that my 3-For for this Thursday.

1. Pray For Youthmark.  Our first trips are only a couple months away (we’ve offered spring trips) which has caused all of our “due-dates” to be moved up; Pray for Buzz as he works the connections with host communities.  Pray for Kirk as he finishes up his part of the new Merge book (and for me as I write the “fable” part of it) and pray for all the “sending” churches we know of and don’t yet know of (Youth Pastors who are just now deciding on a mission trip or training).  Prayer is appreciated for Alon, Kirk and me as we interact with these Youth Pastors. In addition, you can pray for Frankie, he does some ad-hoc stuff for Youthmark and right now he’s finishing a video which we’ll use for marketing.

2. Prayer for Friends: Very briefly, I have a few friends and ministry partners who are really struggling because of difficult situations (family, sin, finances, etc.).  Praise for Friends! The flip is true as well, we are celebrating some great blessings in the lives of other friends as well (jobs, engagements, provision)!  Considering it all pure joy, I invite you to do the same with me!

3. Pray for Mission51 Opportunities! This is more than just praying for folk to connect with YMV’s and/or our training materials.  I think God is going to bless us with great opportunities for speaking and training at churches or organizations.  Mission is meant for anywhere!  My prayer is that every Christian understands his and her calling to live on mission wherever God has them.  I am VERY open to come speak at your church, event, retreat, school, etc.  Let’s see folk equipped for M:51!



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