Three-For-Thursday: New Youthmark things

It seems we’re either gearing up for something or winding down from that last something.  In our families it’s stuff like the school year, the holidays, family vacation, or a sports season.  In ministry it’s the program year, that camp, the mission trip, graduation and a few others!  As soon as we get done winding down, we’re gearing up for the next, sometimes we never get to wind down!  As I wind down from the fall tour of lunches and put the final touches on the writing projects I’m “gearing up” for some great stuff ahead…

For today’s Three-For-Thursday, I am going to share three things I am very excited about that we’re “Gearing Up” for  at Youthmark!

  1. Costa Rica! Last year we had our first “international” mission trip to Mexico through a large group that did a select package with Youthmark.  Well, this year we’re launching not only Mexico, but also Costa Rica!  Having been there once and I have  second scout trip planned for January I can simply say that there is no shortage of need there.  These trips are going to be so transformational for both the communities served but also for the teams serving.
  2. Together: Spring Retreat! Our first two years of spring retreats have been amazing, as the preliminary plans are being formed for the 2011 Spring Retreat I can simply say that once again it will be so different but equally awesome!  Joe Poppino will be back for worship, but this time we’re also bringing in The Admission. Joe will bring his singer-song writer-worship leader expertise to help mentor them as a new band!  In addition the training will be over-the-top creative!  I can’t wait to reveal these new aspects!  The theme is “Together” as we’ll concentrate on how often the Lord uses many “together” to bring people to Himself!
  3. The MPW & Leaders Guide! Brand-new this year is the added element of 10 lessons we’ve outlined in the Leader’s Guide so that the entire Youth Group can learn about Mission51. We don’t want anyone in the group to miss out on the opportunity to be a missionary here and now!  On top of that I am so excited about the materials in the Mission Prep Workbook entitled Anywhere. There are 10 studies (for the individuals training) and 10 PODs (Practice of Discipleship).  I think it is by far the best we’ve done so far.

If you haven’t seen this years stuff, you can click here for a preview.  I am VERY excited about all the places we’re sending folk, but to be honest I’m even more thrilled to hear about the “at home” stuff that I continue to hear, read and see with groups that have gone with Youthmark in the past!

Please pray for even more groups to sign up with Youthmark for a mission trip or for our new “A La Carte” options that allow groups to still use our training materials that already know where they are going or already have a sending agency they are working with.  Mission is not just there!  Mission is not just here!  It is ANYWHERE!




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