Three-For-Thursday: Priorities

This week I have a number of things I am trying to balance… in other words, there are a few too many plates spinning.  So, today’s “3-For” is a really quick one.

So, to those who are regular bloggers, overwhelmed youth workers or just in general “really busy right now,” here are three things you ought to do.

1. Don’t Blog (or if you have a regularly scheduled blog, make it short and perhaps make it a post about prioritizing the things you ought to be doing instead of blogging).

2. Get Your Other Work Done Before Blogging or Reading Blogs.  Duh, obvious.  So obvious that maybe I shouldn’t have taken the time away from my busy schedule to post this point.

3. Don’t Come Up With a Third Point if you’re list requires three things.  Sitting there trying to come up with a third point means you’re really not following the first two all that well, so you may as well not wrack your brain trying to come up with one!



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