Sunny San Marcos!

Tuesday afternoon Buzz Huget and I flew in to sunny Long Beach CA.  We immediately drove to In-N-Out Burger (was there any doubt that this would be our first SoCal meal?).  After a great burger we drove south to Escondido!  What a great time with the Clarks, honestly, Jerusha blessed us with probably the best pork-chops I’ve ever eaten! After dinner Buzz, Alon (newest Youthmark staffer) and I had some great discussions; local Youth Pastor and new friend, Wes Trevor joined us for some down-time.

On Wednesday we hosted 22 folk at the Old Spaghetti Factory in San Marcos for our YMV Preview lunch and presented our mission trips and the Mission51 strategy!  I really felt this group of YP’s was engaged in the discussion of how to take this beyond the one-week mission experience!  I look forward to seeing the fruit from this region!

Please be in prayer for Alon as he follows up with this great group of leaders and as he now expands to the other regions of San Diego county!

What a blessing of a trip!



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