The Same Holy Spirit Today!

Technology today is pretty amazing.  Can you imagine what it would have been like to have had a webcast/podcast of the Day of Pentecost (Acts 2)?  Well, this evening while at Starbucks I decided to log on to the Harvest Seattle webcast. I was unfortunately out of town most of the weekend speaking at other events, so I was not able to attend the festival.

I am somewhat of a skeptic (in general) but especially can be skeptical of “mass salvation.” However, as I sit and finish the writing of this next book, Anywhere, which studies the book of Acts, I read over and over again and consequently write over and over again about the salvation of lost souls.  Often times these moments of souls being saved happened in mass!

Tonight, while I listened (and sort of watched) Greg Laurie share the great news of Jesus, I was reminded that the same Holy Spirit that was present in early Acts and saved literally thousands in a single Peter sermon is the same Holy Spirit that can save literally thousands in Seattle tonight!

As I watch these souls move from the seats to the ground floor of Key Arena I trust that God is moving.  I believe He has performed another miracle and I believe that one of the most unchurched and God-hating areas in the USA just came a little more alive in Christ.  Former God haters became grace-lovers.  May these new believers understand that this was not just a one-weekend experience and get on the path of Mission51, the other 51 weekends (and weeks) of life outside of Harvest!

I am moved to tears as I think of salvation in Seattle!

Praising the Holy Spirit that He is present today, just as He was in the very book I write about right now!


P.S. If you’re a friend who does not know about salvation and would like to know this grace, forgiveness and freedom you can have, please contact me (brian[at]youthmark[dot]com).


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