Three-For-Thursday: Get Candy

I returned home from Colorado and Costa Rica to a counter-top loaded with candy  containing bags and bowls.  The post-Halloween (eh-hem, I mean “Harvest Party”) sugar-fest; gotta love it.  In honor of the sweet-tooth I thought I’d take on my favorite candies to sneak confiscate in order to protect the little pearly-whites of my offspring. So, the three-for-thursday today is the top three candies I have found in the bowls this year.

  1. 3: Butterfingers: The beauty-of the fun size Butterfinger is that they are just the right size.  I used to love the full Butterfinger bar, but for some reason in adult-hood they’ve just become a little too much.  Too much crackling wafter, too much melting chocolate on my fingers and just a little too much ill-feeling after downing the full-bar.  But the bite-size version, mmm perfect.  The great news, my kids don’t like them, so it’s not even stealing!

  1. 2: Skittles: Are you one of those weirdo’s that eats your meals by consuming just one thing at a time?  When your plate is full of potatoes, meat, rolls and a steamed vegie, do you just do the greens, then complete all the potatoes, and then finally move on the meat?  I never understood this philosophy of eating.  I am a combo guy, a bite of meat, then one of the potatoes, right into a chomp on the steamed broccoli.  However, get me to the skittles and I become the weirdo!  Red is my least favorite, so I consume these first.  Then the yellow, moving onto the purple, then green and save the orange ones to the end, because after all, they are are the candy equivalent to a great steak (hmm?)… anyway, I like them best.

  1. 1: Snickers: Here’s a bar that I CAN eat the bigger version, but for the sake of the “watching my figure” status, I am so thankful that most of our neighbors are buying in and helping me by providing me, I mean, my kids with the fun-size snickers.  Snickers gives us the perfect blend of peanut, chocolate, caramel and “nougat’y” goodness.  They truly do satisfy… but I will not lie… I usually need at least 2 or  3 to feel a little more satisfied.


In honor of the candy-talk, thought I’d hook you up with one of my favorite Candy-comedy bits ever.  The first minute and half or so is really the crux of the candy-bit, but the whole thing is funny.  Get candy!



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