Three-For-Thursday: Cruisin’ Colorado

This week was a crazy-fun week.  I am writing this post on the airplane having departed Denver International… as I touch down I will get on some wi-fi and get this Three-For-Thursday out still on Thursday!

This week was my Colorado marketing lunches for Youthmark.  So, by way of the “3-For” I will tell you about the three lunches.

I landed on Monday evening in Denver and immediately drove south to Colorado Springs and stayed with great friends Peter and Christa.  It’s such a joy to have them as my Colorado Springs host family, immediately upon arrival I am bombarded by their kids similar to the way Dino greeted Fred Flintstone.  Love it.  Makes me TOTALLY miss my kids!  I had a fantastic time catching up with Peter and Christa. Then I got to talk ministry/business with Peter (PeterB Designs is Peter’s business and he does some of our design work for Youthmark).  If you are looking for design work done (shirts, logo’s, book covers, posters, events, business cards, etc.) you should consider PeterB Designs.

On Tuesday morning I had breakfast with one of my great friends from College and a new friend from last summer. Steve and Rand are both church plant pastors in Palmer Lake (Steve) and Castle Rock (Rand). Great times with these two brothers.

Now, on to the lunches and the 3-For

Colorado Springs: Old Chicago was the home of my first preview lunch of the year.  Kirk Petersen has been taking on Oregon and Northern California for the last couple weeks, but for me, this was the first.  The highlight of the time for me in Colorado Springs was meeting new folk.  We did a lunch here last year, but to see new faces was awesome.  Tuesday evening I received an email from one of the participants, he said, “If only had known about you sooner.  I appreciate your heart! This has been something I had even thought about doing myself because I didn’t know this was available”  He went on to ask how he could volunteer with Youthmark as well.  A great blessing.  I love it when people completely get Mission51!

Grand Junction: After lunch I was off to Glenwood Springs (4.5 hour drive w/snow) and my “host family” there.  Jared and Andrea are such a blessing as well. I love hanging out with them and their two boys!  After a great dinner and a long walk in the now falling snow, Jared and I had a good time talking through some tough ministry issues.  We continued the conversation in the morning over Coffee.  The YFC guy, Pete, joined us for breakfast before I took off for the 90 minute trek to Grand Junction.  The GJ lunch was at the Olive Garden.  Love me some salad and breadsticks.  The highlight of the lunch for me was the time before and after with my friend Bobby.  Bobby brought his students to a camp I spoke at this last summer, we grew to be friends that week.  I very much enjoyed getting to know all the other new faces (I had previously only known Bobby) at the lunch. A great mix of denominations as well, it was fun seeing them all network a bit and get to know each other! Instead of speaking at Bobby’s youth group that evening (as we hoped) I took off to beat any bad weather over Vail pass.

Boulder: It took me about four hours to get back over to North Denver.  Before I left I texted one of my former students, Shane. I had hopes of hanging out with him Thursday before I took off Thursday evening.  Well, because I was coming in early I thought I’d check to see if Wednesday evening would work better.  It worked out great.  I got to hang out with he and his wife, Stephanie.  They graciously saved me $60-$100 and invited me to crash at their place. This morning (Thursday) I got some writing done at Starbucks before heading up to the lunch at Old Chicago in Boulder.  I LOVED the lunch in Boulder.  It was a great mix of new faces and familiar faces.  This group was highly conversational, which was a nice blessing. The highlight was having Tom Coffan, a Youth Pastor of 40 years share about his experience with Youthmark.  I was absolutely blown away by his comments.  I would love to take Tom on tour with me, he’ll sell our stuff better than me!  Very humbling to have a man like Tom say such gracious things.

The trip was a hoot.  My friend from the Colorado Baptist Convention, Mike, joined me for the first and last lunch, it was great to catch up with him.  He asked me to speak at their two camps again this summer, what an honor.

Three lunches down, please pray for Lynnwood (Tuesday) and Lacey (Thursday) next week for me and (Eugene and Salem) for Kirk.  We are asking God to do a mighty work in and through these wonderful shepherds (the Youth Pastors).  Our hope is that they will see Mission as not just here, not just there, but Anywhere!  Mission51!

If you know of folk who should be there, get them to register here.



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