A Few Random iPhone Shots

It had been some time since I last did a sync between my iPhone and my mac… however, the other day I didn’t have my phone charger with me and I needed to charge via usb off my computer, so the iPhone did a sync.  This gave me the opportunity to upload the MANY pictures that my kids have taken with my phone (mainly silly videos actually) and the few pictures I had taken.

Our “main” shots are taken with a regular camera, but every now and then we don’t have it with us and so the iPhone will have to do.  Here are a few random shots that I haven’t posted about yet… thought someone might enjoy.

Elisabeth and I were able to get away for two nights (3 full days) to Victoria.  We were blessed with a gift a couple years ago and finally were able to take advantage of it… Stayed at the Empress Hotel and enjoyed much down-time.

Immediately after Victoria I took off for SoCal.  And you know what’s in Southern California right?  Yep, In-N-Out… so above is a shot of my Double Double from an In-N-Out in Escondido that opened THAT day!  This was a first for me, I was around for the grand opening!

Audrey and a bunch of other kids in her Sunday School class were called up on the platform a couple Sundays ago to be used as a plea for more help with the Children’s Ministry.  Great job standing there and looking cute Audrey!

Last (actually first in the timeline), we did our annual trip to the Puyallup Fair.  This could have been our shortest trip to the Fair ever.  It was a sunny and 75º Day (and very very busy), however, as soon as we walked through the gates we recognized a newly opened Scone line, we waited 30 seconds in line there.  After the scones we went to the Ferris Wheel (well first we waited in a three minute line for tickets)… the Ferris Wheel line was about 4 minutes before we got on.  After the Wheel, we went to the Young Life pie booth… no line.  So within 30 minutes we did the three things we intended to do.  Fun times and a great picture of my girls on the Ferris Wheel.





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