SMS: The Hopper

This blog post is really a request for future blog posts, read below and see if you can help…

It has seemed the clock has been moving at a faster pace and that the calendar pages turn even quicker these days.  I hate to use the overused word “busy” because it seems everyone uses it; so I’ll just say that my days have been filled and I’ve found little margin to do a lot of writing for the blog.  That’s okay, this is not my number one priority.  With that said, I love doing it, but there are times when I know the SMS post is going to require more of me than I can give at that time, thus, THE REQUEST…

Right now I have about seven different Student Ministry Stuff (SMS) Post titles ready to be written; however, most of them are subjects that I know will need a bit of development.  My hope is that you can help me come up with even more subjects for the hopper (those waiting to be written).  Right now I have subjects like: Youth Leaders and Campus Investment; Youth Pastors and How to Spend Your Working Hours; When Saying “Yes” is Saying “No” (and vice versa); The Rookie years of Youth Pastoring (age 20-24); The “Experienced” Years of Youth Pastoring (age 25-28); The Veteran Years  of Youth Pastoring (Age 29+).

What are some other subjects you’d suggest I tackle in the weeks to come and/or which ones of the above would you most like to see me tackle?

Looking forward to finishing up a few major projects so that I can develop some of these SMS thoughts!


3 thoughts on “SMS: The Hopper

  1. Working with other ministry staff (i.e. senior pastor, other associates, etc); this one might be a little taboo, but something on signals that it’s time to move to a new church, out of youth ministry, or out of ministry all together as well as the flip side – signs that it’s time to hunker down and be a Jeremiah; developing a philsophy of ministry

  2. “Old Guys Rock: How to and why you should recruit youth staff over 25 years old.”

    “Dealing with Criticism”

    “Money Matters: How to make a youth budget with kingdom values.”

    “Who makes better coffee: Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, or the church basement?”

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