100five50 Update; few weeks left

I haven’t updated the 100five50 in quite some time.  So, here’s the scoop for anyone who doesn’t know what that little code may be…

May 31, 2009 (about 15 months ago)About 15 months ago I was slightly adequately overweight.  I was weighing in at about 245.  I was thinking my ideal weight was about 200 to 210.  Well, instead of trying WeightWatchers again (which really does work), I decided to try eating smart and actually exercising, instead of losing weight just by dieting.

So I started to walk.

I cut my carbs in half.

After several weeks I started to ride my bike instead of walking.

I tried to keep my carbs cut in half, though my appetite grew rapidly because of the riding.

I started all of this the day after Memorial Day 2009 and ended it (approximately 100 days later) on the day before Labor Day.  I weighed in at about 205.  About 40 lbs.   I looked a lot different and felt pretty good too.Sept 2, 2009 (toward the end of my first 100five50)

Over the next few months I probably gained about 7-8 back, I believe by the New Year I was doing pretty well, weighing around 215 and still biking.  However, I worked my backside during the Holidays, not by riding, but by sitting.  I did the majority of my writing for the 2010 YMV’s during the December and January time period.  I know that this was the beginning of the end for me.  The good news, I didn’t let anything get out of control… sure, I was back up to 225 by Memorial Day this year, but I’d say that a lot of that had to do with the lack of ability to exercise during a busy spring break time period.  The last two weeks of May I didn’t care what I ate, knowing I was about to launch the 100five50 again (100 days, five days of exercise per week and 50% of my normal carbs).

This summer has really been a battle. I have done FANTASTIC when it comes to the riding.  But I have done HORRIBLE when it comes to the food.  I think the better name for my routine this summer is 100six100.  I think the only reason I am down on my weight is because I have kept the metabolism just slightly faster than my appetite.  So, with just two weeks to go, I am sitting at 217 (ideally I want to be under 210 and stay under 21o).

Here are the stats this last week:

Exercise: Rode 6 times, for a total of 51.5 miles.

Carbs: Who cares?  I ate a lot.

I am really going to try the 50% carb thing over these last two weeks to see what happens, I believe it will prove to me that cutting the carbs will make the difference, but it will be a solid test on ol’ will (not my son, rather, my mind).



2 thoughts on “100five50 Update; few weeks left

  1. This might sound like a really dumb idea, but I have been toying with the “Banquet TV Dinner Diet”.

    Natalie and I tried Nutrisystem last year. We bought a big meal package through Costco. The meals control your glycemic index in every meal. It was generally awful. Way too much soy protein and disgusting gravies galore.

    BUT, reading the back nutritional info was really educational. Now, we just go to the store, find the 88-99 cent Banquet meals (generally made with more real ingredients) and buy the ones that have a good balance of protein, carbs, and fat. Good balance of nutrition, low cost, better tasting (than Nutrisystem at least), and portioned out in a sensible way.

    Check it out!!

  2. I’m with you, Brian. Exercising a ton and eating a ton. I’m sitting in the mid-2teens myself and hoping to get under 200 by sometime. Just got a new bike and have been riding my butt off! 60 miles since Sunday morning so far…

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