Must Be A Spirit Thing?

Several months ago I bought Francis Chan’s Crazy Love. I loved what I read of it… I think I left it in a book bag that I don’t normally carry around, so long story-short, I still think I am still a few chapters away from the finish line.  However, I have found it!  

When I heard Chan had a new book out, Forgotten God and the even better news that I could receive if for free in July through I jumped at the opportunity to get it.  As I posted in a recent “Three For Thursday” post, I have recently re-discovered the Holy Spirit.  I am very thankful for God using this book to minister to me about His Spirit.  

Well, as is the way of the Spirit, I have been asked to preach this Sunday.  And when I asked our Pastor if I could choose anything (which I was leaning toward something along the line of the Holy Spirit) or if he wanted to give me the subject of Scripture passage, he said, “How ’bout you do something on the role and ministry of the Holy Spirit in the life of a believer?”

Hmmm, must be a Spirit thing?

I love it.  

So, your prayers are greatly appreciated as I begin my abbreviated prep-work (was just asked last night and then we confirmed after prayer around noon today).  And if you don’t have a place of worship we’d love to have you at Faith in Kent this Sunday at either the 9:00 or 10:45 AM service!

In all my years of being a Pastor and all the adult and/or youth sermons I have given, I believe this is a first for me (preaching on the Holy Spirit)… I am so open to what He has for me to say so that I can speak of/about/for Him!  

Trusting that this Sunday will very much be a Spirit Thing!



2 thoughts on “Must Be A Spirit Thing?

  1. Great idea for an opening to grab attention:

    You turning your head upward, going “hummmmm”, raising your arms, and touching your forefingers to you thumbs.

    Ok…maybe not so great. But bound to stir up some conversation and grab attention.

    Glad to hear about the opportunities God’s giving you!

  2. Love the Holy Spirit! He tends to cause some trouble sometimes, but you got to love Him! Love the Father and the Son too, but truth be known. I think I am partial to the Holy Spirit. He says and does and asks some pretty crazy things sometimes. But in Him, life is never dull.

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