Three-For-Thursday: Islands.

In honor of our vacation to the Hawaiian Islands I decided I’d give the new Three-For-Thursday an Aloha try.  Today, I’ll give you my three favorite islands.  I have been to Hawaii six or seven times in my life and been to four different Islands, so a top three isn’t necessary, because poor Oahu is the only one left out, but I did give you my favorites in the order I like them (at this point).

  1. Kauai. The Garden Island is just so very diverse.  The landscapes are gorgeous and there are always options to get away from the more rainy north and east side (though the showers are usually welcome).  I love the different towns on this island; they vary from truly “touristy” places like Poipu to what I would call a Hippie-town (I define Hippie-towns as “deodorant optional” places) of Hanalei.  Hanalei and Kapaa are my two favorite places on the island.
  2. Maui. A little more “touristy” but with some fantastic getaways to totally remote rural areas.  Again, natural beauty reigns.  This island will always be special to me because it is where Elisabeth and I had our honeymoon and is where I was once asked to speak at a camp.  Note to those who do guest speaking: NEVER say no to an invite to speak at a camp in Hawaii.
  3. The Big Island. Kona and Hilo are both great places to visit and are completely different.  This island is by far the most diverse, a lot of that caused by the lava fields, black sand beaches and desert-like west side.  I like Kona the most on the Big Island. everything done here is on “Hawaii time” (don’t worry about it… it’ll get done… sometime).  We also found my favorite food joint thus far in Hawaii, the Kona Brewing Company… the BBQ chicken sandwich and the French Dip sandwich might be the two best of their kind I have ever had.

Any other thoughts on the islands from your view?




One thought on “Three-For-Thursday: Islands.

  1. I must give a shout out to my favorite island, Molokai, known for it’s nearly total lack of tourists and it’s fantastic leper colony. For someone who likes to indulge some introversion away from vacation crowds, it’s total paradise!

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