(Debut) Three-For-Thursday: Recent Discoveries

The change of the blog-format means some changes to some of my “regular” features.  Today marks one of those changes.  For almost a year I had been running a “Top Five Tuesday” posting.

I may move back to that sometime.

I may not.

Replacing it for the time being is a new series, entitled, Three-For-Thursday. A “top” list in some ways, but we’ll see where this one goes.  For instance, today, I am giving you three recent discoveries in my life. I don’t see these as a ranking from least to greatest (or greatest to least), simply I see them as three things I have learned/discovered lately.

In thinking about the last few months there have been a few things that really stood out to me that I would consider “discoveries.”  I hope some of these may become “discoveries” for you as well.

  1. Christianaudio.com. If you are a person who finds it hard to sit down to read a book (or struggle to find time to read the stack of suggested books that have piled up in you mind), your problem may just be solved.  This website allows you to purchase (or get for free) you favorite (or soon-to-be favorite) books.  Quite simply, you get to listen to books through your iPod, MP3 player or through iTunes (and other players). Several years ago while hanging with best-bud, Jeramy, down in San Diego I had the opportunity to spend some time with one of his friends, Todd.  Todd worked with Jeramy on his high school volunteer team.  Todd is an entrepreneur and I quickly was drawn to his creative business savvy.  We flash forward about six years and I have had many interactions with Todd now.  Todd is one of the owners of christianaudio.com (a company he and a couple others started about five years ago). ONE huge benefit to christianaudio is that each month they do a freebie.  In June it was Forgotten God by Francis Chan and July it was an A.W. Tozer classic, The Pursuit of God. That’s right, FREE!  You can still get the Tozer book now!  And stay tuned, a new one is just a few days away!
  2. The Holy Spirit. Please understand that I didn’t “discover” the Holy Spirit recently.  However, I will say that having been “raised” in conservative circles since coming to faith in 1990, I have come to the conclusion that most well-meaning, conservative churches have been (subconsciously) teaching that the trinity consists of Father, Son and Holy Bible. Don’t get me wrong, I am a FIRM believer in the Word of God (and believer that believers need to invest in/draw from the Word).  However, I am keenly aware (and becoming even more aware) that the Holy Spirit is at work in my life.  As I mentioned above, the book Forgotten God did a lot to re-introduce me to the Spirit’s role in my life and the life of all believers.  Instead of being afraid, downplaying or denying the work of the Spirit (or excusing it as “Charismatic”), I am trusting (and seeing) that the Spirit is at work today, just as He was before creation, at the day of Pentecost and through the first 2000 years of the Church.  I would not consider myself a “Charismatic” or “Pentecostal” at all, however, I am tired of the labels, with that said, I would be honored to be called, “Spirit led!”
  3. Via Baci. This summer I had the fantastic opportunity to speak at two camps in Colorado.  Both times I was able to do so with friend, Mike Penberthy.  Mike played professional basketball in the NBA and overseas (Germany and Italy).  On this last trip we met up with a Youthmark client Tom Coffan for a lunch on our way down to Camp.  Tom, knowing the approximate area of where we’d be traveling back from the airport, pulled off the freeway and and stopped at a restaurant.  Little did he know that he actually discovered what Mike said was “the closest quality/taste to Italy that he has experienced in the U.S.”  We loved it so much that we prioritized a visit on our way up to the airport.  I HIGHLY recommend you stop at Via Baci (just south of Denver off Lincoln Ave. off I-25) if you are ever near Denver.  I had the pizza, and don’t know if I’ll ever be able to order anything other than the pizza after I experienced this!

Well, that was fun.  I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into my recent discoveries/rediscoveries!  Any thoughts/reactions/similar experiences for you?




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