3 Launches and 2 Lunches

This weekend we pulled off a first for Youthmark!  Not only did we pull off two launches simultaneously, which would have been a first, we pulled off three at once.

Kirk Petersen, pictured here, led the YMV Launch in Spokane, WA.  The teams from First Baptist of Beaverton, Shoestring Valley, Lake Sawyer Christian (here, here and here) and Cornerstone United Methodist had a great time together in Spokane.

Jess Champers, whom I forgot to tell to get an awkward photo of himself, launched the teams from Mars Hill Church and First Baptist University Place in Renton, WA.

I had the honor of launching two teams down in Phoenix. Seattle First Free Methodist and Pine Valley Community Church converged for a launch at my former Church in Phoenix, Northwest Community Church.

On top of this, we had one three churches not able to join us for the launch because of their early morning flight to Vegas (and drive to Sandy Valley), but you can read their blog here!

Please do hold all of these teams up in prayer!

While in Phoenix, I also enjoyed my favorite lunch… Two days in a row…Pictured below.

I’ll post more pics from the launches and some great stories, check out the youthmark.com blog here and read some other sides of the story as well!




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