100five50 Update #2

Another week and another update.  We are now approximately two weeks into the challenge I’ve entitled the “100five50 Challenge.”

100 Days

Five Days of exercise per week (sustained 30 minutes of aerobic)

50% of the carbs I would normally eat.

So this last week I did really, really well on the exercise.  I rode all seven days for a total of 47.5 miles.

On the eating side, because of the increase of work out, I certainly saw my appetite increase as well.  Therefore I only lost one pound, but that isn’t disappointing at all.  I am sure my legs built some muscle weight as well.  It felt good to get that much time on the bike.

So, 216 it is on this Monday.

Would love email, text or comments from those that are plugging away, no need to give stats if you don’t want, just let me know if you’re still doing the challenge.



2 thoughts on “100five50 Update #2

  1. so…I just started it. When you first started I still wasn’t allowed to run, I don’t own a bike, and just walking is boring to me…and makes me feel lazy for not running. haha But for me, it’s mostly the hot chocolate I need to cut down on more than the carbs. and that’s sad.

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