Blessed Saturday

What a wonderful Saturday!

Started with a great breakfast at our favorite breakfast place, “67” at the Edgewater Hotel.  Elisabeth’s folks are in town and we thoroughly enjoy doing the Edgewater with them.  Over the years of going to 67 we have gotten to know one of the servers fairly well, her name is Marlane, she is from Haiti.  We were able to ask her today about the Earthquake.  Please pray for her, she lost a niece and a nephew (one a child of her brother, the other a child of her sister).  Very tough.  We had wondered about Marlane, after the quake, but this was our first opportunity to see her.

After breakfast we went over to the house of some friends of ours.  They live right on a lake.  We spent most of the afternoon relaxing lakeside and under the deck enjoying some great time talking, munching on some snacks and watching the kids throw rocks in the lake.

Late this afternoon I was able to take a 13 mile bike ride.  The ride was fantastic, it was full of time praising God and asking for His provision as I/we move forward.  I found that most of my thoughts were about this last year and seeing all the hard things about the Youthmark year as real learning experiences.  It really created some cool (and new/creative) thoughts about this next year.  I am prayerful and hopeful for what He has in store.

Amazing what one day of great weather can do for the soul!

Hope your Saturday was as a blessing as well!



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