Dear Audrey,

My little girl, Audrey, turned six today.

Audrey has a grip on my heart.  We love all three of our blessings the same, however, each one is uniquely loving and uniquely loved.  Audrey, is our middle and holds that special place in our hearts.  I am a middle child.  Elisabeth is a middle child.  Therefore, we have a special place in the middle of our hearts for Audrey.

Because Elisabeth and I both KNOW that is was the toughest being the middle child, we feel it is only fair that we treat Audrey the best.

I kid.

This little gift from God does hold a special place.  She is so uniquely gifted and has a sensitivity that is different than Halle and Will.  She has the desire to be alone at times, yet she clings tighter than our other two when she wants to be cuddled.

We all love you Audrey, thanks for the first six years of blessing your Mommy, Daddy, Sister and (and the two years of blessing your) Brother

I love you!





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