Top Five Tuesday: Stuff that Must Get Done ASAP!

Re-read that title and then you can understand why I haven’t posted much lately and why this blog-post is so short.

Today’s list is all about the projects I am working on RIGHT NOW and need to be done with As Soon As Possible.

Without further ado, the very un-lengthy list.

Five: Messages for Colorado.  I am preaching at two Colorado camps I am doing this summer.

Four: Messages for Oly. I am speaking at a Youth Retreat  for Westwood Baptist of Olympia soon.

Three: HomeBase. A devotional I write for the parents of participants who are out on YMV’s.

Two: RoadGrip.  The devotional for the summer mission trips.

One: Merge-Joshua.  The follow-up book given to all our missions participants.

The good-news is that all of these are in process and most are nearly completed!




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