Top Five Tuesday: Jr./Sr. High School Dances, Slow Songs

Are you ready to stroll down my sappy-memory lane?

Today’s top 5 explores the memory of my dance-career in high school.  Do you remember the days of being dressed up in your high school gymnasium or cafeteria on a Friday or Saturday night, hoping that the next song is a slow one?  I do.  Don’t give me the fast-paced MC Hammer, give me some slow songs from Richard Marx.  The white-man overbite and running man never suited me, but the mix-tape of Chicago and some moody-Madonna got me geared up for the slow-dances with the ladies.

The criteria for today’s top 5:  these were the top 5 songs I can remember grooving too in my late Jr. High through High School years.

Without further ado, the list.

Five: Time After Time, by Cindy Lauper. Okay, I might be remembering the snowball skate in late elementary with this one, but hey, it was “mass-rad-song.”

Four: One More Try, by George Michael. C’mon, listen to this one and you’ll be drawn back to the slow-swaying of yesteryear!  Wow, I just did and I just flashed back to my Meeker Jr. High Cafeteria and the wretched smells of over-perfumed girls and mal-deodorized boy-pits.

Three: Crazy For You, by Madonna. This one landed in my 6th grade year, I think, but I can remember requesting it at a dance in 7th grade.  I can’t believe that they actually played this stuff.  It’s pretty risque if you ask me.  Warning, these lyrics are NC-17 if you ask me.  But I guess I’ve become quite-the-old-fuddy-duddy.  Or, I have daughters.

Two: Could’ve Been, by Tiffany. Not only did she rock, “I Think We’re Alone Now,” only one of the most popular songs of my eighth/ninth grade summer, she slowed it down for us with this little gem.

One: Somebody, by Depeche Mode. The live version of this song blasted through my white boom-box way too many times to count.  I distinctly remember shot-gun riding in my friend Mike’s Red VW Bug and hushing the convo and turning up the tunes so we could dream of our future MRS. that was sure to be at the dance the next weekend!  Depeche Mode was also known as “Depress Mood,” but they hit the grand slam with this song.

No doubt I am missing some great ones, hook me up with your memories and let me know some of your favorite dance-sap memories of these songs too!




One thought on “Top Five Tuesday: Jr./Sr. High School Dances, Slow Songs

  1. We are from slightly different jr. High generations, but 7th grade a popular one was PM Dawn, Die without you, and 6th grade graduation was End of the Road by Boys to Men. Classic.

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