Top Five Tuesday: Childhood Toys

Join me in my walk down memory lane.  I can honestly say that taking on this subject will be tough, and will make me seriously wonder about hitting Toys-R-Us tomorrow just to re-enter my childhood.  I might just have to.

This top 5 looks at my favorite toys as a young’n.  The criteria… I had to have owned one (or more) of these in order for it to qualify.  They don’t necessarily have to be legitimate “toys,” rather something I used to do to go out (or in) to play.  Side note: Do you remember the days of just calling your friend and saying, “can you come over and play?”  I think we should still do that.

Without further ado, the list.

Honorable Mentions: Electronic Football Field, Intelevision and Nerf hoops.

Five: Legos.  Spaceships, hydroplanes and cars made out of these plastic gems.  Enough said.

Four: Big Wheel/Green Machine.  I loved the three-wheel wonder that is the Big Wheel.  I don’t know why they don’t make these for adults?  Do you remember when you did the power brake and power-slides so much that it actually made the wheel go square?  I didn’t mind, because that meant a new one was coming next Christmas…. until I was 12.  Getting old stunk.

Three: Big-Tonka Trucks. I remember a couple years Tonka made some vehicles that were almost perfectly to scale, I had a couple Broncos, Jeeps and Tow-Trucks that were about 18-24 inches in length and a good 8-10 inches tall.  These differed bigtime from what you have out there now… back then it was metal; I’d send those things off rock piles and cement barriers and it was just like I saw on the Dukes of Hazzard!  Loved me some Tonka.

Two: Baseball/Football Cards. I know, not a toy, but the sheer energy spent in purchasing, trading, drafting, researching, ranking and studying these things easily make them a true childhood toy.  I still have thousands.

One: Stompers. These little 4×4 were the best.  I know it is pretty silly to think, but I would honestly still play with mine if I had them.  Equipped with a single AA battery these Stompers did the offroad and off-carpet racing.  I loved setting up the ol’ Sandbox with tall mountains, deep tunnels and  plenty or boulders (baseball sized rocks) along the way.  Anyone have one they want to give me?  C’mon!

What stuff did I forget? Got one you agree or disagree with me on?




5 thoughts on “Top Five Tuesday: Childhood Toys

  1. 5 stretch armstrong
    4 rock’em sock’em robots
    3 G.I. Joe(12 inch)
    2 A football
    1 Atari(the original)

    Ah, good times

  2. Stompers make me think of the race video we worked on back in the day. WHITE WINS! WHITE WINS! WHITE WINS!

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