Top Five Tuesday: Spring Projects

It’s been a busy early spring.  Between the Youthmark Mission Venture Spring Retreats, a wedding in Montana, writing for the summer of 2010, and other family happenings, I am noticing a growing list of stuff that I want to get done (and sometimes NEED to get done) growing.  So, for today’s list, I thought I’d procrastinate on getting some of these projects started and give you the list of the Spring Projects I want to work on in the order of most excitement.

The Criteria:  These projects are all things that I have not yet started work on (otherwise, the next five spring retreats would dominate the list, because I’m so excited about these).

Without further ado, the list.

Five: The Yard. Yep, that’s right, haven’t even mowed the lawn once in 2010.  Ouch.  It’s looks nasty, the only saving grace so far for our yard is that my lovely Bride has been a fantastic blessing and done a lot to keep the yard looking good (leaves, weeds and other general “yard” stuff).  Okay, I’ll get to it… oh darn, it’s starting to rain…

Four: The Garage. New Youthmark inventory means re-arranging the clutter of the garage, once again.  The good news, Elisabeth has still been able to park in the garage.  The bad news… I can’t remember the last time I parked in the garage.

Three: Odds and Ends for Elisabeth. I hate to call it a “Honey-Do” list because Elisabeth is just not that type of a gal.  However, she does have several things on her list that I could be of great help to her.  So the little things like the drooping curtain rod and large hole in our kitchen ceiling are on the list of things I look forward to getting done for the family.

Two: Revised Business/Ministry Plan. This whole “Youthmark” thing has been quite fun.  However, it can get a bit overwhelming and though I am a planner, I have discovered that without a road-map it can become difficult to know exactly where we are going.  I look forward to sitting down and coming up with a comprehensive ministry/business plan.  With this being said, please understand that it starts with and is maintained with a trust in the Spirit to guide (just don’t want anyone reacting to the word “plan”).

One: Pre-Marketing for 2011.  I have had a lot of ideas zippin’ around the ol’ noggin.  The only problem, I haven’t had a lot of time to get them written out and started.  However, my goal is to have 2011 “stuff” written by the beginning of the 2010 missions (this makes for better/smarter marketing as well).  Fun stuff in store, and quite different than the previous two years!

That’s the list for now… I don’t want it to grow, so please don’t send in your suggestions!



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