And then there was one…

Thanks to all who have been praying oh-so-fervently on our behalf!  Join us in PRAISE that the prayer requests from last week have all pretty-much been answered! Alaska happened differently than we would think, Montana answers came slower than we had hoped, but literally at the PERFECT time to provide the encouragement we needed and then the Lord is doing a very unique thing with a couple shifts right now too (pray!). Join me in prayer for one more answer that we think could happen Sunday!

We are praying that a town in Montana says “yes” to receiving a team being trained for Montana.  We have a few other options, but I believe God may have us at this one specific place for this specific time.  The church is “between” Pastors and I think this could be just the spark they need!  Pray that the board of this church discerns God’s will and whatever the answer is, that we all praise God for what He is doing!

Exciting times!




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