Denver to Glenwood Springs (Scouting Part 1)

Over the next couple days I will give you a report of my Scout trip I took with my friend Buzz.

When Buzz and I met at the airport on Saturday morning I was able to communicate with him our main objectives for the trip:

  • We needed to land (secure) our hub (launch) location for the Mountains and Mid-America mission trip (June 18/19).
  • We needed to find one rural community in the mountains of CO as a receiving area for one of our YMV teams.
  • We were heading to East Boulder Baptist to speak to their group(s) who are heading to Alaska.
  • We were to meet with Dare 2 Share in Arvada, CO on Monday.
  • We were to meet with Mike Gaines of the Colorado Baptist Convention (I am speaking at a couple of their camps this summer).
  • We were to fly to Phoenix.
  • We were to go to Tonto Basin, one of our receiving communities and introduce them to Jeff, the YP brining in his team.
  • We were to go to Page, AZ and find a church willing to take on a LARGE YMV team.
  • We were to find one other rural community in AZ to receive a team from Seattle.
  • And last, but not least, we needed a hub for our Desert SW launch in Phoenix.

In addition, if we had time we’d go to an M’s spring training game…

So we took off, landed, rented and then drove to a very important meeting in Idaho Springs, CO… that meeting was to introduce Buzz to the first or second best pizza I have ever had (I smell, or taste, a Top 5 coming soon).  Great times at Beau Jo’s.

We arrived in Glenwood Springs for the night with our good friends, Jared and Andrea Coe.

That’s where we’ll pick up later… More soon!



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