Top Five Tuesday: Opening Day

Sorry, almost tardy on the entry, an extremely busy time and an even more extremely busy day.

Today’s top 5 has to do with one of my favorite traditions, Opening Day!  I’ll be at Safeco on opening day once again and this quick list highlights the top 5 things I am looking forward to about being at the Safe!

Without further ado and so I can get to bed, the list.

Five: Tradition! Going the game with my wife (and now more family) has been such a fun tradition!  I can’t remember the last opening day I missed!  It helps to have an incredibly wonderful “gifter” each year who makes this tradition possible!

Four: The Food at the Hit It Here Cafe. The food isn’t the best, but it’s not the worst either… but the very fact that I’m eating it while watching the M’s makes it get on the top 5!

Three: Magnet Calendar! This would be number 1 on Elisabeth’s list.  We get a free refrigerator magnet of the M’s schedule every year!

Two: The Player Introductions. The roar of the crowd is quite contagious.  Looking forward to hearing Ken Griffey Jr. announced one more time on opening day!

One: The Actual Game! I love baseball, I love the M’s and I am looking forward to seeing the season start!

Got any opening day favorites of your own?



One thought on “Top Five Tuesday: Opening Day

  1. we have a semi-traditional tradition of getting together with the fam to watch the game. We eat hotdogs and pretend like we are actually at the game…

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