Keep Them Coming!

You ever do anything stupid-silly?  I do.

One time I was driving down to California with my wife and one of our students (have I ever told you the Golden Boy story?, If no, leave a request, I can blog that one for sure)… Anyway, Elisabeth, Kevin and I are driving down to California, Kevin is eating some Ritz-bitz crackers stuffed with peanut butter (or was it cheese?).  He stuffed several into his mouth and said, “keep them coming.”  As his face became more and more chipmunk our laughter grew.  One by one we passed him cracker sandwiches, one by one he found more room. We literally ran out of Ritz before he ran out of mouth.  Classic funny (except the laughter did eventually cause him to spew dry cracker all over the inside of our car…)!

We ran out of crackers before he ran out of mouth…

What if we approached our prayer life the same way? What if we really understood that we could never out-ask God? He will field our praise, requests and worship more than we could ever give.

I say this in response to your prayers on behalf of Youthmark. The last two days (since my Top 5 Tuesday post on prayer) have been wonderful for the ministry and it is SO obvious that people have been praying.  God opened up doors in Alaska (and CO, AZ and MT).  But please DO NOT stop.  He (The Lord) still has room for your prayers/praise!

Please pray for more contacts and more doors to open and for solid connections for our sending/receiving places!

Keep praying!  Thanks!



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