Top Five Tuesday: Fast Food Mexican Meal

It is 11:42 PM on Monday as I sit down to write my Tuesday top 5.  I am hungry, so naturally, todays top 5 will deal with food and specifically the food I am craving right now!  Over the years I have become quite the fan of some Mexican foods… I like me some spice!  So for the top five today, we’re going with the fast, cheap variety of the mexi-meal.

The criteria:  Because there is a large variety in this category, I narrowed it by simply saying that if you order and they assemble and hand to you w/o delivering it to your table, then it is fast food.  This makes the likes of Baja Fresh and the like, eligible in this top 5.  In addition, though I have had better burritos, nachos or tacos at individual places in the past, I am setting the criteria that it has to be a “chain” and I have to have had it more than three times to qualify.

Without further ado, the list.

Five: Chipotle. Of the Burrito places, this one doesn’t take top honors, but is consistently good and they really do have great Chips and Guac!

Four: Taco Time. I know, it surprised me too.  Okay, I must first clarify, not just any Taco Time will do.  First, it has to be a Seattle area Taco Time and quite frankly, the Fairwood Taco Time is the reason for the number four ranking.  I love the Tacos, Mexi-Fries and the Chips and Salsa (mild salsa).  Lately, I have gone with the large chicken taco salad made with non-fat sour cream and Jack cheese!  Great stuff.

Three: Baja Fresh. I can get into the Burritos, but they have a fresh Chicken Ensalada (salad) that I think is very, very good (and healthy).  Throw some fresh salsas on as a dressing and you’ve got a filling, tasty and very healthy meal!

Two: Sharky’s Woodfired Mexican Grill. Discovered these in SoCal, but now we have one at Southcenter.  The salads are great, but I really love grabbing the Nachos with some extra Jalepenos and cilantro!

One: Qdoba. The problem at Qdoba, there are too many things that I like.  If I am going healthy, the naked taco salad, sans the dressing is the way to go.  I add “fajita” stuff to it as well.  However, the burritos are simply HUGE and very good… but, more often than not I am craving the Chicken Quesadilla.  Add a little red and green hot sauce to it and my taste-buds are barking high praise!

So, you think I am wrong?  Tell me how and then prove it by taking me out to your favorite place!



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