Late Assignments

Do you remember the feeling of turning in a late assignment?

Unfortunately, it DID in fact happen to me from time to time in grade school, jr. high, sr. high and college… Though I can’t remember it ever happening to me while getting my Master’s degree!  Whew, finally got it right!

Well, post-post-grad it has happened a few times.

It just did.

Fortunately for me my letter-grade doesn’t drop… my income might, but at least my letter grade didn’t!

However, I don’t think ANYONE is upset about this one (well, maybe my family… no, not really)… I just finished sending off our initial invoices for the 2010 YMV’s!  They were supposed to be out around the first of January (oops).

Who ever got upset about getting billed late?  I’m banking on the hope that nobody will (pun intended).

In all seriousness, it does feel great to have that task accomplished.  I have been so busy with other tasks it just kept getting pushed back, however, the invoices from everyone who wants money from us have, for some reason, come in EXACTLY on time, therefore, if we want to pay them I decided that it may be wise to complete my assignment!

Now to start work on some other overdue assignments!



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