Sweet Reunion

In the next day or two I’ll be able to blog about my recent trip to LA… I was down south from Sunday thru today.  One of the highlights was certainly last night.

In college, there were four of us who were known (only by ourselves) as “The Crew.”  Darryl, Brian, Anthony and Jeramy were accountability partners who spoke into each others lives and laughed a lot!  We all been in each others weddings and been able to see each other (all together) probably 3 or 4 other times since graduation.  Though I get individual times with Darryl, Anthony and Jeramy, it is really sweet when we’re all together or when at least three of us are together!

On Tuesday evening, we had that chance.  Anthony lives north of LA.  Jeramy down near San Diego and I was down south.  The three of us had a great dinner together and a few hours of laughter and catching up on fun family stuff!  Though we missed “D” greatly, he at least texted us a great pic while we were together!

Great to head home now and catch up with my family, but nice to have been with some guys that I consider the closest thing to “family” outside of my own!




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