In Search

Want to help network?

One of the… umm… benefits(?) of networking with so many people is that I am often called upon by Churches or by Youth Pastors who are in search of one another!

A church searching for a new Youth Pastor calls asking me if I know of any available candidates…

A Youth Pastor searching for a new situation/employment calls asking if I know of any church hiring…

Really, I do see it as a benefit, I like this aspect of the networking I do.  Especially when we see the right people end up with the right person (and vice versa).

I am certainly not a “job bank” but it is nice to be trusted and sought out for this important beginning stage of a search.   So, I throw it out to you, simply because I don’t know of all the great candidates out there.  If you know of a person who is qualified as a GREAT potential Youth Pastor, don’t hesitate to have them contact me (brian[at]youthmark[dot]com).  The flip is true as well, contact me if you know of a GREAT potential church for a Youth Pastor to land (no, you can’t replace your current, person, only looking to help churches with current openings, not ones you wish were open! Ha).

Be part of the network!



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