YMV and Friends

Yesterday and today have provided a variety of meetings that I find 0h-so-exciting for the 2010 YMV season and for my own friendships and encouragement!  I count it a joy to have had these great times with some fantastic folk.  Here’s a glimpse of the folk I got to see.

Wednesday: My friend Mark Miller, was the guest speaker at chapel for Seattle Christian.  Instead of doing our normal Burien area network meeting, the group went to support Mark as he spoke.  He did a great job.  Fun to also hang with Nathan, both Marks, Craig and then grab lunch with several of them and have Chad show up as well.

After lunch I commuted up to Mt. Vernon for the afternoon with Joe Poppino.  Joe is the worship leader for the YMV Retreats this year!  He is recording some of his own stuff and should have an album produced by the time the retreats take place!  This is so exciting.  We got to plot, scheme and dream about the 2010 Retreats and the relationship between the speaking, music, atmosphere, electives, etc.  Fun times with Joe.

In addition, since I was in the area, I got in touch with my friend Mark Moder, he is the President of Youth Dynamics. He happened to be in town (half of his time is spent in ID), so we were able to schedule an impromptu coffee.  I praise the Lord for they way he is using Mark at YD and the progress that has taken place in the first year of Mark’s service as President of YD.

It was then time to head south to Edmonds where I was speaking to students and parents at Maplewood Presbyterian (they are doing an Alaska trip with us this year).  This was a fantastic time.  Please pray for the Youth Leader there, Tania.  She has a very sick aunt who will soon be going home to be with the Lord.

After the Edmonds speaking, I headed south on 99.  My friend Blaine lives in Shoreline and the two of us were able to connect for about an hour at at local joint called Darrel’s.  Blaine was a student in my Youth Group in Roseburg, OR (I also coached him in Soccer and Basketball). It is a lot of fun to see him as an almost 30 y/o, but it does make me feel pretty darn old now.

Then… I came home and had the best meeting of the day!  I got to hang out with Elisabeth!

Thursday: After a little daddy/daughter time with Halle (I take her to school most days) I had a phone appointment with Kirk Petersen (he works for Youthmark down south).  I headed south to South Hill and had coffee with Jon Wimmer.  Jon is taking his youth group to Mexico this summer on SERVE.  The ConvergeNW network is teaming together for this trip and has Youthmark doing the training package.  It was fantastic to connect with Jon.

After that meeting I got to catch up with Troy Asher at the same Starbucks.  Troy was a Youth Pastor, then he became the Discipleship Pastor and is now wearing both hats at his church. I really like this guy, he is a few years older than me, I’m hoping his wisdom wears off on me and that his gray hair does not!

Then I was off to the Spaghetti Factory in Tacoma with Brad Hostak.  B-Rad is once again taking his group on YMV.  It was great to connect and encourage one another.  I finally got to get him his Leader Notebook and a gift-pack I owed him.  I even took his prize for winning one of my blog contests… only I forgot to give him that and part of his gift-pack.  I guess we’ll just have to get Spaghetti Factory again!  Darn.

My last appointment of the two day stretch was  in University Place (Tacoma area), with Steve Imhof.  Great guy, looks like he will be joining us for a YMV this year for his group.  I’m excited because Steve had every intention of doing a YMV last year, but then he and his wife discovered she was pregnant with twins… Steve made the wise decision of staying around all summer after the birth (they already had another little girl under 2).  Wise move Steve.

Now, it’s home with my boy Will.  The gals are out with Elisabeth for some Mommy/Daughter time, Will and I are going to chill out at home and watch some hoops and drink some cold ones (Apple juice for him and Green Tea for me)!

Busy two days, but thankful for the encouragement these friends were to me!



One thought on “YMV and Friends

  1. Sounds like you were in my neck of the woods… Andrea and I don’t live far from Maplewood. Blessings on all your work… sounds like its really going well.

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