Car Conversation

Will and I went down to pick up Halle from school today; it took a couple extra minutes to get out of the busy parking lot, but the whole way home Will was jibber-jabbin’ away and I was listening to some music.  Halle was just quiet the whole 12-14 minutes. As we pulled into our neighborhood..

Me: Halle, why are you so quiet?

Halle: I’m just reading Daddy

Me: What are you reading?

Halle: My new book, got it from Scholastic Book Club today…

Me: Is it good?

Halle: So far, I’m on page 75.

Me: When did you start it?

Halle: In the parking lot, when we got in the car, when you picked me up.

My Thought (didn’t say this one out loud)… 75 pages in 12 minutes… She’s 8… I don’t think I had read 75 pages total when I was 8.

Sometimes my kids amaze me.



2 thoughts on “Car Conversation

  1. Watch out Brian, she sounds like I did at that age 😉

    “Readers are leaders,” to quote the inestimable Charlie Bell. Sounds like she’s off to a great start.

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