Top Five Tuesday: TV Networks

A late start on my Tuesday blogging means a very simple post today.

The top 5 today will focus on my favorite network to watch on TV. I don’t watch a ton of TV, however, if I could only have five networks, here’s what I’d settle on and why.  There, that pretty much summarizes the criteria as well.

Without further ado, the list.

Five: TV Land. I honestly probably watch a few other networks a little more, however, this is the only place I can find some old-time shows I love, like M*A*S*H and the occasional Leave It To Beaver.

Four: The Travel Channel. Apparently I really enjoy watching gluttony… interesting also that “The Food Network” doesn’t have my favorite food show: Man vs. Food. I also enjoy a few other Food shows on this network: Tastiest Foods and Bizarre Foods.

Three: CBS. The “most watched network” is the third most popular in my book.  I am still an avid Survivor fan, and I also watch some NFL games on the big eye.  Late night Letterman provides the occasional laugh as well.

Two: ESPN. I’m in to Sportscenter.  Basesball.  Football. Basketball.  College Hoops and even the occasional Main Event Texas Hold ’em tourney.

As seen on FOX

One: FOX. The simple fact that this is where Football Games, Saturday National Baseball games and 24 are all on FOX puts it over the top.  We watch American Idol as well (okay, there, I said it, I can’t use “Elisabeth watches it” as an excuse, because I do watch it with actual interest).

Anyone agree?  How about your rants against my selections?

Okay, now we just have to wait 5 days until 24 returns!



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