Top Five Tuesday: 2009 Praise Songs

Whew, I knew you worried that my blogging hiatus would extend over two Tuesdays… Fret no longer, I’m back for the final Top 5 Tuesday of 2009.

As I prepare for preaching this coming Sunday, I have been listening to a variety of tunes as I study the Word.  As my iTunes “Genius” plays random selections from my playlist I have found myself worshipping in song and study, a pretty sweet combo!  Anyway, it gave me a top 5 idea… My top 5 songs I enjoyed singing in worship settings this last year.

The Criteria… these are all songs that I have sung in worship services this year.  I also included a “preview” of one that I think will make a similar list next year, because I plan on having Joe Poppino lead it at our Spring Retreats this year (I have yet to hear it done live in a service so I can’t include it in this top 5).

This is a list you may want to come back to a few times today, listen to one or two songs and then come back later; I linked them all through Youtube.

Without further ado… the list!

Sneak Peak at 2010: Hillsong United’s King of All Days. I’m listening to this one 2-3 times a day right now, better slow down before I get tired of it!

Honorable Mentions: I have seen him live and he made the top 5 as well, but Charlie Hall’s Center makes the HM list with ease.  Great concept/calling! In addition, Hillsong United’s The Stand. This done in conjunction with Mighty To Save is quite the combo!

Five: Jeremy Riddle’s Sweetly Broken. Reflective, contemplative and certainly a call to a gracious life.

Four: Kristian Stanfill’s Jesus Paid it All. Yep, that old hymn with a new build up and chorus.  The old-hymn, reminding us of the new life we have because of His death!

Three: Charlie Hall’s All We Need. Though this is a few years old, I had never heard it until the end of 2008 (at a winter retreat I was speaking at). Pretty simple message, catchy tune.

Two: Tim Hughes’ God of Justice. This was one of our closing songs at the retreats and is super-motivating in terms of the call, “we must go.”  What an honor to be called by God to share the most wonderful news ever!

One: Hillsong United’s Mighty To Save. It was certainly done a lot at churches and to be honest I might be a little tired of it right now, but really, over the course of the year, it stands out as the one that really caused me to think, pray, worship and drew me to His Word!

What do you think?  You have some songs that should make our “playlist” for 2010?



4 thoughts on “Top Five Tuesday: 2009 Praise Songs

  1. If by “praise songs” we mean songs that put me in a more ‘spiritual’ mindset and cause me to rejoice in God and what does and has done, than these would be my favorites (last year, too):

    For the Widows in Paradise, For the Fatherless in Ypsilanti – Sufjan Stevens (communion song, imho & all YouTube videos are terrible of this 😛 )

    To Be Alone with You – Sufjan Stevens

    Generally, things by Stuart Townsend. (Thanks to you and Elisabeth!)

  2. These are five that I’ve sung in worship services. Honorable Mention to a lot and I am hesitant in claiming these as my top 5 favorites, but here they are:

    Remedy – David Crowder Band

    Unfailing Love – Chris Tomlin

    Tis So Sweet – Justin Cofield (And lots of others)

    How Deep The Father’s Love For Us (Skillet Ardent Worship and lots of others)

    If I Stand (Rich Mullins)

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