Did They Really Do This?

GM has developed one of the first “electric” cars.  The technology seems pretty cool.  It is due out in 2010.

However, GM also developed the following.  It should have never come out.

(note: it is worth your laughter/bewilderment for the next two minutes)

Your American tax dollars (remember the bailout) at work!



5 thoughts on “Did They Really Do This?

  1. Um….because of the dance I WANT to buy one of those cars. The electricity the dancers brought to the excitement of the car was AMAZING.

    1. Yeah, pretty embarrassing for Microsoft supporters (though nothing will ever top the old Windows 386 ads in the embarrassing category).

      Between these two though, I still don’t know which is worse. On the one hand, at least Chevy wrote their own song. On the other hand, wow, Chevy wrote their own song.

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