No Mundane Monday

The ear buds are in place.

Venti drip with sugar-free Hazelnut on my right.

Hillsong United leading me in praise.

I’m ready to get back to the final few days on this major project (only a few days behind).

Mondays can be a downer for some, not for me.  I’m excited about today.  I’m starting it by talking to my friend, Jesus.  I’ll end it the same way and I hope to spend the majority of the day with Him as well.  In fact, I’m going to spend most of the day writing about Him. Yesterday I was afforded the opportunity to chat about Him and what He is doing in my life and the lives of others around me.  Our new Lead Pastor, John, asked me to help him with the teaching time at church by telling three stories to help illustrate three of his four points in the sermon (if you want to hear it, click here). After Church the Aaby family got to go out with some other good friends who love Jesus too (do you think Jesus loves Mexican food as much as we do?  I think Si!).  In the evening our family got together for our Sunday night Advent time… know who we talked about and to?  Yep, Jesus! Sunday was fantastic.

Perhaps your Mundane Monday can be traded for a Marvelous Monday with Jesus.  Give the day to Him, ask Him to do wonderful things in, to and through you. I’m praying right now for you…

“Jesus, each person that comes across these words today, if they know You and have a relationship with You I pray that they would experience Your love and grace in marvelous ways today.  I pray they’d be bold for You as well.  Praying that they will encounter many people who do not know about You yet.  Perhaps you’ve placed these Christians in the lives of the unbelieving for a reason?  Jesus, cause them to enter relationship with those who do not know you.  Cause them to WANT to say something in a loving way.  Cause them to be like You…

“And Jesus, if there happens to be some friends who come across this blog who do not know the freedom and forgiveness that you grant, I pray for these friends. I pray they would ask me or another Christian about your grace.  I pray they would experience the forgiveness of their sins.  I pray they would come to know you as Lord and Savior… Amen.”

Have a marvelous Monday!  Spend it with Jesus and you will!



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