Big Revelation

Heard something recently that caused me to think about my job and why I love it.

I love my job because it causes me to rely upon the Lord.

Seriously, the ups and downs of having a business/ministry has been a unique challenge and one that I embrace in a new and different way than I did at this time last week.  Our society teaches us to be self-reliant; to do what makes us happy and to do whatever it takes to get to where you want to be.

Don’t get me wrong, I want to be happy.  I want Youthmark to be very successful.  But success in my eyes and the success the Lord has in mind may not always be alignment (as we know it’s not God who needs to adjust).

As you may have read a few weeks ago on my blog, I spent a couple days recruiting prayer partners for my three week blitz of writing. I am so thankful for those who signed up and have been faithful in praying for me.  I have done an okay job of getting reports out to those folk, as I have seriously counted on them to pray for me as I spent time writing the 2010 mission prep workbook.  I’ll be honest, the writing was a total struggle thus far.  I found myself wondering how much my friends really were praying?

All of a sudden on Saturday night or Sunday morning, I found myself looking in the spiritual mirror.  What I saw looking back at me was me.

I’ve done a great job of asking people to pray for me, but I have not bathed the writing in prayer.  Others have.  I have not.

I don’t believe prayer to be a magic rabbit foot.  However, I do believe prayer works. So, as I stare at the spiritual mirror and desire more and more to see the reflection of Jesus, I will start with prayer.  Not for the sake of writing, rather reliance.  I love my job because it causes me to rely upon God; exactly where He wants me to be.



2 thoughts on “Big Revelation

  1. I’ve had this revelation several times over the years as well! Continuing to pray for you and praying that He continues to lead, guide and provide for your family! I know the Lord had great plans for your ministry!

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