Top Five Tuesday: Thanksgiving

Somewhat predictable, yes, but c’mon, I knew you needed something to get past the mid-week doldrums (today is officially “midweek” because of the impending 4-day weekend).

Today I have the opportunity to rate the top five things about Thanksgiving.  The criteria for this one was pretty tough to come up with actually… questions like, do I include the Thanksgiving weekend or just the day? Do I allow something I did in the past to be in my current top five? etc.

Well, you’ll just have to wait and see the answers to those questions and more… without further ado, the list.

Five: The Leftovers. Ahh, Turkey will show up all weekend!  I love it! Of course the leftovers start with fixing a plate that looks very similar to what you had for your main meal, but by the time you are finishing your leftovers (for some of you this is in early December) you find Turkey showing up in soups, casseroles and pot-pies.


Some of us will resemble this this weekend!

Four: Sports on TV. Seeing as how we are a media-flooded society it seems there is ALWAYS some sporting event being shown live on TV.  However, I don’t pay attention to most of it.  On Thanksgiving Day and the weekend, I do.  C’mon, who, besides my friend Nathan, cares about the Detroit Lions?  Well, on Turkey Day I will.  I am not a Dallas Cowboy fan, but on Thanksgiving I’ll faithfully tune in and watch.  Beyond the football there are always great hoops games (college and NBA), college football games (including the toilet-bowl, otherwise known as “The Apple Cup”) and of course gymnastics!  Okay, not-s0-much on the last one… though Halle and Audrey would dig!


Three: Advent Time With The Family. A few years ago Elisabeth and I started a new family tradition by doing our own candlelight Advent time on the Sunday nights thru Advent.  So, this Sunday will kick that off.  I’m looking forward to seeing how Will reacts to the candle, the quiet and hearing the Christmas story.  Last year, one of the students I discipled through High School was hanging out with us and said that it was one of his best memories now!


What some malls look like in early October!

Two: The Kick-off to the Season.  I believe that Thanksgiving day marks the beginning of “The Holidays.”  I love Christmas music, Christmas lights, decorations and even peppermint-mochas, etc.  However, these things are meant to be celebrated, served, displayed/played and consumed (you figure out which noun goes with each verb) only from Thanksgiving to New Years Day.  Part of the purity of the season, to me, is the specific parameters of the season.  None of this Shopping Mall mentality of September 15 begins the season because one retailer starts selling Stocking ideas… let’s preserve the season by celebrating it only during the season (the one exception:  let’s celebrate Jesus at all times!)!


So, on Thanksgiving morning you’ll find me with a coffee beverage (probably with peppermint flavoring) in hand, swaying back and to the Christmas music blaring through our house as I begin the search for all of our Christmas decorations.  Welcome to the season!

One: The Meal.  If I were rating “complete meals” I would have to rate this one at the tops; though I love steak, I don’t know if the Turkey feast can be beat.  So, as I anticipate the day of thanks, I am certainly thankful for all of the above, but man-o-man, the Bird and the fixins certainly are something for which my glass is tipped in thanks.  Of course, there are a few exceptions to the rule of “the fixins” being the best.  I am not a “yam” guy and to be honest I can go without the cranberry sauce (okay, those of you who just cussed at me, repent, that was not necessary).  So yes, I love the meal, and the beauty of the 2009 meal, I am feeling great in terms of my health and weight, so I am not going to hold back, knowing that the bike-ride of Wednesday and of Friday will more than make up for the feast of Thursday!

What are some of your favorite things about this Holiday?

Come back tomorrow (Wednesday) for my special “Thanksgiving Blog Survey!”

And on Thursday I am dedicating the blog to “I am thankful” quotes… come back and participate!





One thought on “Top Five Tuesday: Thanksgiving

  1. yes indeed. the Advent Times with the Aaby’s was probably one of the greatest things i have ever witnessed! i almost died from the awesomeness/cuteness of it =)

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