WOMM Please!

WOMM: Word of Mouth Marketing… the best form of marketing!  Can you help spread the word?

DSC02172Over the last 4 weeks I have “toured” to six different cities to do preview meals for Youthmark Mission Ventures.

The Strategy: Invite Youth Pastors to a lunch that Youthmark pays for so that we have the opportunity to share about our YMV’s.

SeattleLunchI still have two lunches to come, both in our own backyard.  On Thursday, November 19, Youthmark will be hosting a lunch for Youth Pastors/Directors at the Tukwila Old Spaghetti Factory (new one just south of Southcenter mall near Kohls).  Then on Thursday, December 3 we will be at the Portland Old Spaghetti Factory (the one on the water).

PortlandLunchIf you are a Youth Pastor in the greater Western WA or Western OR region, we’d love to have you attend the meals.  If you attend a church that has a Youth Pastor/Director, please invite them to visit www.youthmark.com and click on the Free Lunch banner on the bottom of the homepage.

I look forward to sharing our hopes, vision and strategy to see students trained for the 51-weeks outside of the mission trip!  Of course we use the mission trip as a catalyst for that change  and motivation for the training, but with your prayers and word-of-mouth marketing perhaps we’ll ultimately see teens become the best missionaries we have here in the US!

Speaking of that, did you know that teens need it modeled as well?  Let’s model effective missional living by sharing in word and deed!

Thanks for spreading the word to the Youth Pastors you know!



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