SoCal SoGood!

I was down in Southern California Tuesday morning thru Thursday evening doing two preview meals for Youthmark Mission Ventures.  As the title states, SoCal was really great!  I was pleased to have 30ish at the San Marcos Old Spaghetti Factory on Wednesday for lunch.  These Youth Leaders came to hear about YMV’s.  On Thursday I welcomed 10 folk to the table at Marie Calendars in Valencia (North LA, near Magic Mountain).

Both meals were interactive and encouraging.  It’s fun to see Youth Leaders interact and glean from one another!

I’m sure I’ll post more about the meals, but please do pray that connections were made in such a way that these Youth Leaders will be serious in praying about the opportunity we set before them!  Praying for the right connections for the 2010 YMV’s and beyond!



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