Spring is Coming

Okay, so the Seattle weather doesn’t quite reflect the title of this post, however, I am thinking Spring right now.  Yesterday I had the opportunity to drive up north (Burlington/Mt. Vernon) to meet with a couple different friends.  First I met with Mark Moder, the CEO of Youth Dynamics.  We grabbed some coffee and caught up on life.  You can pray for Mark, he has served as the President of Youth Dynamics for almost a year, yet, has been doing so by commuting from Idaho.  He and his family have yet to sell their home in Post Falls, ID.  He spends a couple weeks in WA and a couple weeks in ID each month.

Yep, this is Joe.

Yep, this is Joe.

After my meeting with Mark, and the reason for  “Thinking Spring,” I met with Joe Poppino.  Joe was my worship leader for our two Spring Retreats last spring (and did a fantastic job).  Well, a few weeks ago I officially made the ask for him to consider doing it again.  I let him know we have three retreats in WA this spring and he jumped on board.  I then let him know that we are doing one in Portland, and he jumped at that one too… then I asked the impossible. I asked Joe if he’d be interested in coming to TX, CA and CO for the three out-of-the-northwest retreats.  And after prayer, consultation and more prayer, The Joe Poppino Band is officially the band for Youthmark Mission Ventures Spring Tour!

Joe Poppino is back!

Joe Poppino is back!

I’m excited to have Joe and his band on board. With Joe coming to all seven training times I will be able to utilize his giftedness beyond the music.  Even yesterday we were dreaming of what could be in the Spring of 2010!  Pretty exciting stuff!




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