News and Notes…

Coming to the end of what has been one of the more busy weeks I can remember in quite-some-time.  Don’t have too much time to write, but have a couple things of note to pass on.

  • has just gone live with a little redesign and totally updated Mission Venture information.  You can see that a new tab was created, Missions, to consolidate and highlight the YMV’s.  The blogs can now be found under that tab.  When you have the opportunity go there and check it out!
  • One of the major things we have been working on can be found on that site, the Youth Leader Meals being offered in 8 different cities to promote the Youthmark Mission Ventures.  In short, I’ll be heading to those places to host a lunch (and in one case, brunch) to meet Youth Leaders and share with them the vision/strategy of YMV.  Appreciate your prayers! If you know any Youth Director/Pastor types in those areas, encourage them to go to the site and register for the free meal!
  • Today I am putting the finishing touches on the presentation for EXPOSED.  This event takes place tomorrow at Highline Christian and is being put on by Family Academy.
  • My favorite Tweet I read yesterday was from Jeremy Johnson (a newer friend, great guy, does a lot of speaking).  His Tweet: When I die, the last thing I am going to say is “unquote.”
  • Have two different meetings today with guys I really respect and have played significant roles in my life.  Andy Heider and Chris Renzelman.
  • Based on the stats, it looked like yesterday’s post (here) was one of my most read ever.  Hope people are not just reading it, but that we’re doing it!

Have a great day!



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