One Is Silver & The Other Gold

Do you remember the old song?  “Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other’s gold”  The question, which one is which?

The last two weeks have been “silver and gold” weeks for me.  One in which I was able to hang with some great friends from my past while at the same time I have been able to meet some great folk who will most likely play a role in my future (as friends and ministry partners).

A few of the relational highlights:

Some of my new & old "national" Youth Ministry friends

Some of my new & old "national" Youth Ministry friends

Reunions: Over the last couple weeks I have been able to get back together with many friends in the northwest, many of whom are in networks of youth pastors I meet with.  Like today, I was able to grab lunch with Nathan and Eric (guys who both served with me as an Apprentice, when I was youth pastoring); or yesterday, having coffee with Aaron, after two different network meetings with people like Jeremy, Serena, Nick and Brian.  And just two days ago, I had lunch with Wescott.

Mike, speaking at Lake Retreat

Mike, speaking at Lake Retreat

In addition to the networking reunions, over the last couple weeks I have been blessed by reunions with friends from outside of the immediate area.  Two weeks ago I got to spend the greater part of two days with Jeramy outside of San Diego.  Any opportunity to spend time with a best friend is awesome.  Then last week in Georgia I was able to grab time with friends like Bo Boshers and my mentor Barry St. Clair (and then later Roger Palmer, who is a friend who works with Barry).  And then this last weekend I spoke for friend Nate Lindseth while also enjoying time with friend (and former Laker I might add), Mike Penberthy at Lake Retreat with another friend who works at the camp, Eric Sivertson.

New: As I said, one is silver and the other’s gold, but which is which?  I think the Lord has brought me into contact with some new “gold” (or at minimum, silver) over these last few weeks as well.  How God will use these people to shape me as  man of God and our ministry, is yet to be seen, but I get excited about new friendships with the likes of T. Ray, Brian, Bubba, Mike, Alon and a few more!  Whew, good stuff.

surrounded by Gold

surrounded by Gold

Now it’s nice to be home with my biggest gems, my family, and worship together our most treasured friend, Jesus.

I count it a privilege to lift up my friends (and family) in prayer.  It is nice to know we are supported by many friends lifting us up in prayer as well.  I look forward to reunions with you who are my friends and I look forward to the many new friends God will provide in the future!



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