She’s An Official Bike Rider

Several weeks ago we began the endeavor of teaching Halle to ride her bike without training wheels.  She was a little nervous, but day-by-day we (my dad, her grandpa) were able to let go of the bike for longer amounts of time.  It took probably just three or four outings for her to really to ride on her own in a straight line.  She did great.

Over our vacation at Sunriver we took her bike and she really did well on a large loop around out neighborhood.  She perfected the art of small turns, but was too nervous to really do any turn-arounds.

Well, this last week she perfected the tight turn-arounds and I can proudly announce that she is an official bike-rider (for whatever reason the tight turn-around is what makes it official).  If I were the DBL (Department of Biking Licensing) she’d have her license.

"I'm Licensed by the DBL"

"I'm Licensed by the DBL"

My favorite moment came last week when we rode down to a neighbors house to exchange “who is your teacher” information with a schoolmate, the neighbor girl came outside and said, “wow, Halle, you can ride on two wheels already?”

Halle very humbly responded, “yep, but I just learned, so don’t worry about being late or anything.”

Proud Daddy moment number 5,634,363,645!



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